In the Parent Handbook you can find all of the information you need about the club, equipment, competitions, volunteer commitments and more.

Parents and volunteers are crucial to the success of our club. We couldn’t run a practice or a meet without the assistance of our families.


We need the help of our Novice and Development skaters’ parents to help put the mats out on the ice before the 5:30 practice. Skaters are not allowed on the ice until the mats are in place, so as soon as you’ve helped the youngest ones tie their skates, please come out to the rink and help with the mats. The water buckets also need to be filled at this time.  There is no experience necessary, and there is a job for every ability. The faster we get the mats out the more ice time the skaters have, so the more parents helping, the smoother and faster things go.

At the end of the Elite practice we need the parents to help take the mats off the ice and put them away in the mat room.


Cambridge hosts at least one meet every season. The club relies on its families and volunteers to ensure that skaters from across the province have a safe, fun and successful meet.  From help at rinkside to the kitchen, everyone pitches in for a fun few days.


For parents who would like to learn more about speed skating and officiating, there is training available through OSSA in the form of a Level 1 Clinic – Introduction to Speed Skating course. Click HERE for more information about Officiating.


Please click HERE to go to Speed Skating Canada’s handy booklet A Parent’s Guide to Speed Skating. This booklet gives you information about the sport, equipment, competitions, training models, nutrition and more.