The Cambridge Speed Skating Club is very proud to announce that we had 6 of our athletes qualify to skate at the Ontario Winter Games and 3 of our guest skaters qualify, as well.

This took place February 2nd – 4th in Ottawa.

They all raced very well! 

• Alex finished 3rd overall and received a          bronze medal in the 500m, 1500m, 3000m    Points race. He also received a silver medal    in the 3000m Men’s Relay 1.

• Maddox won Bronze in the Men’s Relay 1

• Owen won gold in the Men’s Relay 2

• Ronnie won silver in the Men’s Relay 2

• Roslyn won silver in the Woman, Relay 1

• Allie skating amazingly last weekend! 

Our Head Coach, Blake Morrison was one of the Ontario Winter Game Coaches.

Congratulations to all our Cambridge Skaters!!